Your Healthy Tidbits; Volume 12 Issue 40

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By aligning yourself with the positive energy of gratitude, you will attract more positive energy to you.  "How do you build an “attitude of gratitude?”  By having and using a gratitude journal that you keep to record all the things you are grateful for. Also record gratefulness for the things you are in the process of creating right now but are not yet in your possession. Until you are grateful for what you have right now, you cannot expect new things to flow to you.


International comparisons show that the U.S. has ranked lowest among twenty developed nations for child mortality since the 1990s and currently ranks behind 55 other countries worldwide for infant mortality. Considering deaths that occur on the first day of life, it is sadly noteworthy that more American newborns die the day they are born than in any other developed nation. Could this have anything to do with the United States’ non-evidence-based administration of vaccines during pregnancy, and influenza vaccines in particular? Internationally, researchers have objected to across-the-board influenza vaccination of pregnant women in the absence of “strong and consistent” randomized clinical trial evidence. In the U.S., no vaccines have ever been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “specifically for use during pregnancy to protect the infant” yet the CDC continues to tell pregnant women that flu shots are safe. Without even counting the vaccines administered prenatally, American infants receive more vaccines in their first year than infants anywhere else in the world. Many of those vaccines are administered in bundles at well-baby visits around two and four months, exactly when nine out of ten SIDS deaths occur.


Lose the extra pounds with ACV! Apple cider vinegar has organic acids and enzymes that increase your metabolism, enabling your body to burn fat faster. It suppresses your appetite, helping you to eat less and look and feel thinner.


Chiropractic care’s “side effects” are largely positive effects: Virtually every intervention can have an “unintended consequence” or “adverse reaction.” Even chiropractic. Fortunately, these are overwhelmingly positive, even if unintended. For example, a patient whose allergies improve after seeking chiropractic care for headaches. Or the patient whose indigestion disappears after seeking chiropractic care for back pain. Or the expectant mother whose restored fertility seems to have coincided with her chiropractic care for low back pain. And the list goes on and on… The danger when seeing these frequent associations is to make the leap that chiropractic treats allergies, indigestion and fertility. Of course chiropractic doesn’t treat anything. However, with a revived nervous system, just about anything is possible. Even the relief of headaches and back pain!


Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber as well as containing an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium. They're also good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C. A key nutritional benefit of sweet potato is that it’s high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed. Add a drizzle of olive oil just before serving to increase your absorption of beneficial beta-carotene.


"Success is the peace of mind you have from knowing you have done all you can do; to be all you can be." ~Earl Nightingale

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