Your Healthy Tidbits; Volume 12 Issue 45

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“An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.” ~Napoleon Hill, Author of "Think and Grow Rich"


With improvements to nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, water, garbage and pests, the death rates from childhood infectious diseases plummeted… long before the advent of vaccines for those illnesses. U.S. vital statistics affirm that the measles mortality (death) rate had dropped 99.4% before introduction of the first measles vaccine in 1963. 90% or more of all measles cases were so mild that they were never reported because parents never took their children to the doctor. Only 10% of overall cases were severe enough to warrant seeking medical care, but even in that subgroup, not all cases were reported. It was only among the 10% that sought medical care and were reported that the fatality rate was about 1 in 1,000. Modern news outlets get away with inaccurately reporting the death rate as 1 in 1,000 by leaving out the crucial word “reported”. Many will say that one death is one too many, but we must contrast the complications and deaths that might be caused by natural measles infection with the rates of injuries and deaths attributed to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. The MMR vaccine (along with the ever-increasing childhood vaccine schedule) may well play a role in the meteoric rise of neurodevelopmental disorders, autism, learning and behavioral problems, gastrointestinal disorders, reproductive disorders and autoimmune and other chronic diseases.


The more intense your exercise, the less time you need to spend on it. One single minute of strenuous activity within a 10-minute exercise session is as effective as working out for 45 minutes at a moderate pace.


This is a case study about a 46-year-old woman who had neck pain and hand numbness. She was examined by a doctor of chiropractic who found that she had upper cervical subluxation (misalignments in the neck) along with a loss of the normal cervical curve as well as cervical spine degeneration. The patient received specific chiropractic adjustments. Eight chiropractic spinal adjustments were administered over a 4-month period. Her neck pain was decreased from 4/10 to 0/10 on a verbal pain scale. There was improvement in her neck pain and hand numbness after her initial adjustment and resolution of neck pain and hand numbness after just two months of chiropractic care. Who do you know that could benefit from chiropractic care?


Green beans included in your diet may help reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer, as well as improved regulation of diabetes. They provide a boost to your immune system and can contribute to the elimination of harmful free radicals. These nutrient-packed beans also provide benefits to the health of your eyes and bones, while regulating your digestive processes. Green beans have also been shown to reduce the risk of birth defects for pregnant women.


PEACE: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (unknown)

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