Your Healthy Tidbits; Volume 12 Issue 49

Mother and Son


Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take the time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference.


Heating plastics (including plastic bottles) in the microwave or running them through a dishwasher increases the chance of leaking dangerous chemicals, according to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). Plastics with recycling codes 3 for phthalates, 6 for styrene, and 7 for bisphenols should be avoided, the report states. Glass containers or stainless steel packaging is recommended as best. Also, some of the more than 10,000 additives considered "generally recognized as safe" after they were grandfathered in during the 1950s as well as indirect additives such as glue, dyes and plastic in packaging have been linked to serious problems. Among them are: brain development; obesity; autism; attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; limited muscle mass and bone strength. The most concerning additives are: Bisphenols (such as BPA), phthalates, perfluoroalkyl chemicals, perchlorate, nitrates/nitrites and artificial food coloring.


Exercise helps increase blood flow and gives your face a healthy glow. In addition, it also cleans the body of toxins, which are expelled during perspiration, and cleanses dead skins cells allowing new ones to grow. Without regular exercise you may see an increase in age spots… so get moving!


Chiropractic has stood the test of time. Many forget that “modern” medicine is relatively new. Many of its most popular (and profitable) drugs and procedures are often the subject of recalls, unintended adverse reactions or rushed to market with success rates that barely exceed that of cheaper, side-effect-free placebos. This is in sharp contrast with the scrutiny, longevity and proven history of the discipline of chiropractic. For over a century, chiropractic care has been pressed into service to revive the self-healing capacity of those who have exhibited virtually every named and unnamed disease or health condition. And while chiropractic care is NOT a treatment of any ailment or illness, it has never been the subject of a recall or even warning label. While the limitation of matter or other hindrances may prevent the wished-for outcome, reviving one’s ability to self-heal will never go out of style. Who do you know that could benefit from chiropractic care?


Chronic inflammation is one of the leading drivers of many serious diseases including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and even obesity. Pomegranates have potent anti-inflammatory properties, which are largely caused by the antioxidant properties of the punicalagins. Test-tube studies have shown that pomegranates can reduce inflammatory activity in the digestive tract, as well as in breast cancer and colon cancer cells.


Many people have gone a lot farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. ~Zig Ziglar

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