Your Healthy Tidbits; Volume 13 Issue 12

Mother and Daughter


One Way to be Happier-Be a promise keeper: You will find happiness if you stay true to your heart and one way to do that is by being a promise keeper. The more you keep your promise, the more you will be aligned with your conscience and the happier you will be.


The media would have you believe that this is the first time coronavirus has ever infected humankind. That is simply not true. In fact, about 20% of common colds are caused by coronavirus. Coronaviruses have been around for hundreds of years. This strain may be different, but all viruses change (mutate) on a yearly basis. There are natural oral therapies that are effective against viral infections including coronavirus. Vitamins A, C, and D along with iodine have proven benefit. At the first sign of any illness, Dr. David Brownstein, M.D. (head of the Center for Holistic Medicine in MI) suggests taking 100,000 U of vitamin A (NOT beta-carotene), 50,000 U of vitamin D3 and 5-10,000 mg of vitamin C per day for four days. Pregnant women should not take high doses of vitamins A and D. Vitamin C can be increased to bowel tolerance. It’s also important to eat a healthy diet free of refined sugar, salt, oils, and flour. And maintain optimal hydration. That means taking your weight in pounds, divide the number by two and the resultant number is the minimum amount of water to drink in ounces per day. Coronavirus is nothing to take lightly. It’s also nothing to panic about. Yes, some will get very sick from it. Keep in mind that people get sick from many things.


Diet Tip: Adding two low-calorie soups to your diet every day could stave off hunger pangs and keep you satisfied longer. Soups that are broth-based (not cream-based) help reduce the calorie count. Also look for soups that are low in sodium. Consider chunky, pureed vegetable soups, as they have been shown to produce the most lasting full feeling.


Give your immune system a boost with chiropractic care. Chiropractic care was first linked to improved immunity during the deadly flu epidemic of 1917 and 1918. Chiropractic patients fared much better than the general population. This observation spurred a study of the field. The data showed flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated 0.25% death rate, a lot less than the normal rate of 5% among flu victims who did not receive chiropractic care. The data showed that under medical methods, out of 10,000 people who contracted the flu, 950 died. Those using drugless methods like chiropractic, out of 10,000 cases, only 25 died. In the years since, studies are finding that chiropractic care is a way to improve immunity. One study, from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, found that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment. Who do you know that could benefit from chiropractic care?


Fresh ginger root can help you when your immune system is compromised by inducing sweating and decreasing nausea and diarrhea. Make ginger tea by grating one ounce of fresh ginger in a pint of water. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add lemon and honey to taste.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

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