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If you wake up filled with stressful thoughts and negative outlooks, that will most likely make the rest of the day feel worse. But if you start your day having an uplifting conversation with someone, reading or finding out good news and not be concerned at the moment about the problems at hand, you are probably going to feel much happier the rest of the day.


Calling the specific virus that is causing COVID-19 “coronavirus” is a bit like calling the Ford Explorer “the SUV.” Both statements are true, but with both, one is part of the other. There are lots of different SUVs; there are lots of different coronaviruses. Many common colds are caused by coronaviruses. Various scientific studies have shown zinc lozenges to be effective in shortening the misery phase of common colds. But can zinc shorten the duration of or lessen the impact of COVID-19? The answer is we don’t know yet. But to twist the SUV analogy: if changing the oil helps a Jeep Grand Cherokee avoid the shop, it’s a good bet that doing the same will benefit the Ford Explorer, too. Zinc is something that will not hurt you, and there may be some benefit when it comes to COVID-19, like with other coronaviruses. But as far as helping patients get over colds, “there’s good evidence that oral zinc works well,” the medical director of UCHealth Medical Group Urgent Care said. Many studies have shown that zinc inhibits the replication of viruses and therefore, shortens the duration of the common cold and since colds are virus-related, it may very well be a valuable tool against COVID-19.


Diet Tip: Choose vegetables without a lot of added fat: Creamed spinach, cauliflower fritters, and zucchini chips are more of a fat than they are a vegetable. Choose simply prepared vegetables and fill up on them, as they tend to have the least calories.


In a recent study published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health Chiropractic, it was shown that chiropractic care may help resolve fecal incontinence following regular chiropractic adjustments. An 8-year-old female with pelvic (hips) unleveling and a history of irregular bowel movements presented to a chiropractic clinic with signs of spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxations). Previous attempts of altered potty training habits and stool softeners were unsuccessful in regulating her bowel movements. The girl received subluxation-based chiropractic care and improvements began after two weeks of care. After six weeks of care the fecal incontinence was resolved, with the patient having no accidents for the first time in her life. While there is limited research on the effect of chiropractic care on these types of cases, studies, including this one, have shown that chiropractic adjustments may have a positive effect on the outcomes. Who do you know that could benefit from Chiropractic care?


Rosemary essential oil has amazing health benefits. It provides relief from respiratory infections, takes care of indigestion, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain. It also strengthens the immune system, is effective in reducing the symptoms of the herpes virus, tones the skin and relieves dryness, makes hair grow longer and stronger and removes bad breath! See how to use this wonderful essential oil at:


"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." - Albert Einstein 

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