Physical Therapy

physical therapy

The chiropractors at Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center know the importance of physical therapy.

We offer a variety of services and treatments, including:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Hands-on Manual Treatments
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Neuromuscular Stimulation
  • Balance/Proprioception Program
  • Post-Op Treatment
  • Lumbar Core Stabilization
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Ionto/Phonophoresis
  • Active Release Techniques
  • Graston Technique
  • ACL Prevention

Now Available: Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) is a treatment for muscular tightness and spasm which commonly follows injuries or develops over time with muscle or postural dysfunction. A Trigger Point is a hyper-sensitive area located in the tight muscle. These areas are often tender to touch and can cause referred pain when compressed.

Most insurances accepted.