Healthy Tidbits; Volume 17 Issue 13

Your Healthy Tidbits; Volume 17 Issue 13

Chiropractic Egg Harbor NJ Health Tidbits Volume 17 Issue 13

Tidbit #1

There is only one way to learn. It’s through action. You can study, read, and listen until you turn blue in the face, but the full experience is when you take action, and let the rubber meet the road. Once you’re done aiming, pull the trigger.

Tidbit #2

A new report by European scientists found that plastics (from food packaging to furniture, clothing and medical equipment) contain thousands more chemicals than environmental agencies had previously estimated, raising concerns about consumer safety and pollution. More than 13,000 plastic chemicals had been identified by the United Nations Environment Programme, but the new report by PlastChem revealed more than 16,000… more than 4,200 of which are “of concern” because they have been found to be hazardous to the environment and human health. Less than 1% may be categorized as “non-hazardous. The report comes as governments work on the world’s first global plastics pollution treaty to tackle the 440.9 million tons of plastic waste produced annually. The report’s authors said that attempting to tackle plastic waste through reuse and recycling isn’t enough. There needs to be more transparency when it comes to chemicals like processing aids, additives and impurities. Adopting evidence-based policies that prioritize chemical safety and sustainability will provide a pathway towards a safe and sustainable future.

Tidbit #3: Diet Tip

Eat water-rich foods and you’ll eat fewer calories overall. Research out of PA State Univ. found that eating water-rich foods such as zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers during meals reduces your overall calorie consumption. Other water-rich foods include soups and salads.

Tidbit #4

This is from a transcript from expert chiropractor, Dr. Billy DeMoss who explains the following in a 7-minute video. When people think about chiropractic care, they often imagine a doctor manipulating your body to adjust your back and neck. But what if it goes further than that? Keeping your body healthy involves so much more than just physical alignment… it’s about keeping your entire body balanced. The whole objective is to raise your vibrations by removing nerve interference. When you have abnormal joints moving in the spine, that sends different spinal information to the brain and central nervous system. This causes dysfunctional processing and integration by the brain and central nervous system. Poor control of the spine and body lead to pain, dysfunction, and also immune suppression. Chiropractic can also lower inflammatory markers, all disease is increased in a pro inflammatory state. To watch the video, go to:

Tidbit #5

The myth about saturated fat causing heart disease has been thoroughly debunked. The studies show that there is no association between the two. Grass-fed butter is a good source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta-carotene. It also has a higher proportion of healthy, unsaturated fats and CLA than regular butter. It provides vitamin K2, a form of vitamin K that plays an important role in your bone and heart health. Overall, grass-fed butter is a healthy alternative to regular butter when consumed in moderation.


"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

- Jane Goodall

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